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Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money

Ken Honda shows people how to create a life of abundance by changing their relationship with money

Ken Honda is a best-selling finance and personal development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. Now, he is sharing his work with English-speaking readers in the United States and beyond. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money” (June 4, 2019, Simon & Schuster).

What Is “Happy Money”?

Money and happiness expert Ken Honda asserts that it is possible for anyone, no matter their current financial status, to live with more ease in their relationship to money.

“There is another way of living your life, especially around money,” says Ken. “Clear the fog of anxiety around financial issues. Worry is not good for your health, and you can be free from financial worries. When you feel more relaxed about money, you can trust your future more. And if you start trusting your future more, you have a lot more fun.”

So, what is Happy Money?

“Happy Money is the kind that a ten-year-old boy uses to buy flowers for his mom on Mother’s Day,” Ken says. “Happy Money is when parents gladly pinch pennies in order to save a few extra dollars each week to send their kids to soccer camp or take piano lessons.”

Other Happy Money examples include:

* Helping a struggling family member out of a bind.
* Sending a few dollars to those affected by a hurricane.
* Raising money by selling cookies for a homeless shelter.
* Investing in a business or community project.
* Receiving money for work or services from satisfied clients.

“All the money circulated with love, care, and friendship is Happy Money,” says Ken. “Happy Money makes people smile and feel loved and cared for deeply. It is in many ways an active form of love.”

Does Your Money Bring You Joy?

Ken Honda asks: Does your money bring you joy? If not, you may be unconsciously pushing it away.

Ken offers people an opportunity to transform their relationship with money to a joyful one so they can attract more abundance into their lives and cultivate gratitude for what they have.

We can learn to be in a state of Happy Money with all our money exchanges, Ken asserts, such as:

* Receiving money from others.
* Paying bills.
* Paying workers.
* Even losing money!

“Most people, whether they realize it or not, are already in a deeply committed, unhappy relationship with their money,” Ken says. “We are in a flow of either Happy Money or Unhappy Money. Depending on which flow you choose, your life and the outcomes in your life will vary. Let me state this plainly: It is not how much you make or have that makes you have Happy Money or Unhappy Money; it is the energy in which your money is given and received that determines your flow. Whether you make a lot of money or very little, your money can be in either flow. Ultimately, it is your choice. If you want to be in the flow of Happy Money, you can. You can choose to be grateful when you receive money and you can give generously and with joy and enthusiasm.”

How Can People Choose Happy Money?

“I believe it begins with gratitude,” Ken says. “Instead of believing there is never enough, you begin thinking: ‘I have all that I need and I am so grateful for it all. I am grateful for the work I do, the food I eat, the car I drive, and all the money I make.’ When money comes in, you say, ‘Thank you’ or, as we say in Japan, ‘Arigato.’ Even when money leaves you, you can say it again, grateful for how the money served you or what it is bringing to you now.

“Whatever happens, you can say thank you — two powerful words that will help you to start to transform your relationship with money. The more you do this, the less stress you’ll have and the more happiness that will flow through you and your money. And you’ll begin to see, without much effort, how quickly the Unhappy Money in your wallet starts to grow and smile and turn into Happy Money.”

The Arigato Living Community

In August 2021, Ken launched the Arigato Living Community, an interactive online platform that offers connection to others who are committed to living a Happy Money lifestyle, access to exclusive live events, and 24-hour support in your quest to live an abundant life and make peace with your money.

A monthly subscription includes:

* Monthly Lectures and Topics — Ken will speak on a different topic each month that will inform the discussions in the community. He will present ideas that challenge the norm and ask you to consider if there's another way to look at a problem you may be having, whether it’s money, family, relationships, community, or something else.

* Expert Interviews – Members get to see the “behind-the-scenes” of successful experts in business, wellness, personal finance and self-improvement through heartfelt interviews and sincere discussions.

* Monthly Challenges — Members can choose to participate in monthly topical challenges that help support lasting transformation.

* Ask Ken — Ken is dedicated to continuing the tradition of mentorship. Members may join monthly Zoom calls and ask Ken questions directly.

* Private Community — Private message boards allow communication with others in the community to share tips, information, and inspiration about Arigato Living, with guidance from Ken and his team.

Online Mentor Program With Ken Honda

In 2023, Ken launched the “Online Mentor Program”, an exclusive 12-month online mastermind for you to learn closely from Ken and unlock the secrets of how to live your happiest, most abundant life.
In this group mastermind, Ken will teach you the timeless principles to clarify your priorities and help you master a diverse range of key essential skills, such as:

* Goal setting and manifestation
* Business best practices
* Attracting the right partnerships
* The power of personal transmissions
* The psychology of emotions
* And much more

You will also receive exclusive benefits with this mastermind, including:

* Q&A time with Ken Honda
* Exclusive news and insights from Ken Honda on global economy and market trends
* Priority updates and invitations to Ken Honda events
* Access to private mastermind accountability groups
* Invitation to member-only gatherings
* Resources designed to help you effectively integrate your learnings

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