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What Is #HappyMoney?

All the money circulated with love, care, and friendship is Happy Money. Happy Money makes people smile and feel loved and cared for deeply. It is in many ways an active form of love. Money circulated in frustration, anger, sadness, and despair is Unhappy Money. This kind of money makes people stressed, desperate, aggravated, depressed, and sometimes violent. It deprives people of their dignity, self-esteem, and gentleness of heart. Whenever you receive and spend money and you do so with negative energy, it becomes Unhappy Money.

Is Your Money Smiling?

Happy Money and Unhappy Money: what kind of money are you carrying around? Even though you can’t see the smile of the money physically, you can pretty much guess if it is smiling or not. If you are happy with your work and life, your money is more than likely smiling in your wallet. If you hate your job and always complain about something in your life, your money is crying or angry in your wallet.

How to Cultivate a Loving Relationship With Money

People who live “in love” with money are doing what they love and make enough money. They may not be rich, but they truly have everything they need. They put what they love in the center of their life. They are financially comfortable, so they don’t feel stress around money in everyday life.

6 Reasons People Want Money

There is always an emotional drive behind wanting money. But if we become disconnected from the underlying emotions, we can get stuck in a cycle of trying to make money without understanding what we really need.

What Does Money Mean to You?

Ken invites people to examine their beliefs about money, and how they developed those beliefs. By exploring whatever feelings you project onto money, you can recognize your own emotional baggage. If you can do that, you can see money clearly.

If Money Were a Person, Who Would It Be?

If money were a person, there are several personas it could have. What would your money’s personification be? Is that person gentle and kind, or mean and unfriendly?

Are the 3 Functions of Money Blocking Your Abundance?

Confusion about what money is and what it means to us is often closely linked to a feeling. We may feel used, discarded, or taken advantage of. We feel like life is unfair. We feel unworthy and diminished. We feel that others have more than we do. A lot of these feelings result from the three functions of money: exchange, saving, and growth.

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Happy?

Whether you are wealthy, middle class, or of lesser financial means, you may struggle with your relationship to money and be perpetually dissatisfied. In other words, there is no magic figure that equals happiness and financial satisfaction; the distance to happiness is the same for everyone, asserts Ken.

Love or Fear: Your Relationship With Money

When we earn and spend money, we do it either with love or fear, says Ken. If you don’t pay much attention to your mind, you would hardly be aware that fear is what motivates your actions, whether at home, at work, in your community, or the way you behave with money.

6 Abundance-Blocking Money Beliefs (and 5 to Try Instead)

We manifest what we believe in life. However, most of us aren’t even aware of the many negative subconscious beliefs about money that we’ve been operating under for years. These beliefs have been encoded in our blueprints and passed down to us from generation to generation. Here are six of the most common ones, and five to try out instead.

What's Your Money Personality Type?

Ken Honda discusses money personality types: 1) Compulsive Saver (Stockpiler), 2) Compulsive Spender (Spendthrift), 3) Compulsive Moneymaker, 4) Indifferent-to-Money Type, 5) Hippie, 6) Saver-Splurger, 7) Gambler. There are combination types, too: Hoarder + Spender = the Repressed Spender type; Spender + Moneymaking Addict = the Gambler type; Hoarder + Spender + Moneymaking Addict = the Worrier type.
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